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Zambia (Lusaka): Luangwa Mission

The mission in the Easter province was a blessing for us being that it was our first mission as Lusaka branch for the year. We thank God for this opportunity.

The 14 of us arrived late at night on June 12th. Our first step was to go the the various churches and introduce ourselves and invite them to partner with us for the crusade.

Each day was full of long walks through the village, for door-to-door Bible study.

Mission stats:

-74 Children attended the evening children's program

-15 adults routinely attended the daily Bible class

-550 people attended the evening crusade

-66 people were baptized


We thank God for leading the mission and using each one of us despite the long distances we had to walk each day. Everyone put in their very best to see that things were moving each day of the mission.

Thanks to Chabuluma church for financial and spiritual support they rended during the two week mission we had.

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