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Testimony: Buhera

We had 5 liters of gas, and the man on the ground, Mr. Munjaranji left the camp, hoping to be back after two days. Unfortunately, his trip took longer and he did not return until four days later. This meant that the group had no extra fuel for the generator for the last four days of the evangelistic series.

The congregation was being blessed by the PowerPoint sermons, so we prayed that not to frustrate the congregation, because this would mean no sermon PowerPoint and no lights.

We were able to conduct our first evening program, but the logistics team told the preacher, that on the second night he would have to cut his sermon shorts since the generator was almost empty. The spiritual committee immediately met and prayed for the situation. Praise be to God! The sermon ended well and the fuel level was at the same point.

The third day we started the generator, showed the video and did the sermon. Afterward the logistics team told the group “Guys, the level is still the same!” So we continued to pray. The following day we did the same thing and the level remained the same. We all were aware that the Lord was working miracles.

Finally four days later, when Brother Munjaranji, returned with the gas, the generator finally stopped. We refilled and were able to continue the mission. Many people received the word and thanked Jesus for the sacrifices He did for us.

Not by sight, but by faith was the name of our mission

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