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Mission Blessings: Mwekera

During a church sponsored trip, NAPS Zambia received a call to visit a nearby village called Mwekera. Here they found many families that attempted to survive on only one meal a day, and sometimes less.

The length of this mission extended from August 9th to October 5th, 2015. In addition to nurturing new believers in the Mwekera village, the team’s objectives were to conduct four feeding programs per week, while also engaging in door to door evangelism, children’s programs, and training initiatives on self- reliance within the local communities. As they ministered in Mwekera, the team worked vigorously to complete the goals they had determined. In seeking to foster relationships within the community, time was spent with the citizens in their respective homes. During these visitations they would aid in the completion of various daily duties. Such as aiding the elderly with yard work, sorting and cleaning laundry, while also contributing other social services such as distributing laundry soap. As a result of this, by the end of the mission, more than 200 hours were spent in visitation in the village.

Because of the extreme absence of physical nourishment, the NAPS Zambia team instituted feeding programs for the village. These programs, occurring four times a week, allowed the team to provide meals to over 4,000 children and adults in the area. In consideration of concerns on how individuals would provide food for themselves after the team departs, the NAPS Zambia team, conducted lessons on food security. This allowed for the locals to continue providing for their families after the NAPS team departed. Health and wellness is also an integral part of the NAPS mission to the world. In keeping with this mission, the NAPS Zambia team embarked on an initiative to teach classes on how to prevent the spread of AIDS/HIV. These classes included informative discussions on what the disease is, as well as on methods of prevention. Many other tips on wellness and health were given, which ultimately informed people of the simple laws of health.

Having successfully aided the physical needs of the village, the NAPS team now shifted their focus to ministering to the spiritual needs of the locals. During the daily children’s programs the village youth were given the opportunity to receive the gospel message through the modes of music, skits, crafts and Bible study. Additionally, the NAPS Zambia team was also able to provide prayer and counseling sessions, to the youth of the village. By the power of God, many of the youth were able to break the chains that held them captive. It was through the efforts made in daily visitations consisting of Bible studies and evening evangelistic meetings that 250 people decided to take a stand for Christ. 187 of these individuals responded to this call through baptism.

Please continue to pray for our NAPS Zambia team, as well as our other international NAPS branches who, sacrificially, continue to spread the love of God, in their respective areas of the world.

Edited by Chanté Anderson & Euline Germain

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