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YOD 13 (Week 1)

People on Mission

  1. Avery Blockmon

  2. Latonya Greaves

  3. Clodwige Meginord

  4. Naomi Dufraine

  5. Zakia Walton

  6. David Dazile

Mile High Academy with Principal Kase after presenting in their brand new, renovated school building!


Fertile Ground

Matthew 13:8 But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

This testimony begins three years ago when the Year of Dedication, Team 10 (YOD 10) came to Denver, Colorado for an impact mission. While on the mission this group which I, Naomi, was a part of, we met a young man in a Juvenile Detention Center by the name of Mundi. During the presentation, Mundi was deeply touched by the message of hope shared by YOD 10; and he expressed the sentiments of his heart by standing up for the appeal to accept Jesus Christ into his life. Since that time YOD has not come to the west coast until this year 2016 with YOD 13; which I am also a part of.

While canvassing in downtown Denver, Clodwige met Mundi as he shared with her his familiarity with NAPS! He said he remembers when NAPS had come to Denver 3 years ago while he was in a Juvenile Detention Center! He said he remembered the group that came and conveyed how the program touched him. Mundi told us how he has changed his life around, by God’s grace, and is now in college studying to become a Pharmacist! Mundi also communicated his desire to come out with us to minister with us in Denver.

The seeds planted here were definitely on fertile ground!

Mission Moments ​

This child was quite excited after the NAPS presentation at Mile High Academy.

Ozark Academy with Pastor David after a powerful Chapel presentation.

In front of Brother Franklin's duplex in Arkansas. He blessed us with an overnight resting place. The next morning we enjoyed home-made waffles and fruit galore that he prepared for us!

NAPS Updates

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