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Year of Dedication

Please continue to keep YOD 14 in your prayers.  They will be serving the Midwest region of the USA and will be working closely with our Southern Alabama team

The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS) is a student volunteer disaster relief group based in Huntsville, Alabama. Founded in 1978, NAPS began with a group of college students who were passionate about volunteering time to relieving physical and spiritual suffering around the world. Today, after years of God’s blessing on that goal, thousands have been impacted by the time and love dedicated to relieving hunger, aiding in disaster relief, treating HIV/AIDS, and providing educational services.


Called to a higher level of service, for the past thirteen years, a group of NAPS volunteers stepped out of their regular school and careers for one year in full-time dedication to service.  This team is known as the Year of Dedication (YOD).  During the YOD, students experience the joys and importance of sharing love through literature, programs, and other avenues to people both in and outside of the United States.


Previous YOD Projects have included: Tsunami Relief, Hurricane Katrina Relief, California Fire Relief, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Marches, Haiti Earthquake Relief, and Medical and Educational Assistance.

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