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An Experience to Remember : 3ABN Fall Campmeeting

When I first joined the church in 2009, I remember watching the 3 Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) on television. There would be stories of missionaries that traveled the world sharing the love of God with those in far away lands, and there was special programming for children. I was so fascinated with the programs and the many testimonies, but I could never imagine that I would be one of those missionaries sharing testimonies on the same network that I enjoyed watching just a few years ago.

NAPS has been going to 3ABN since the 1990’s. Our latest visit was September 29th - October 2nd at the 3ABN headquarters in Thompsonville, IL where they were celebrating the Fall homecoming and NAPS was conducting the children, youth, and young adult classes. The programs were amazing and it was such a blessing to see the familiar faces of the children that have been coming to the classes every year. We have seen how the youth sessions have been making an impact in the lives of the young people through personal testimonies of how God used the volunteers to reassure the youth of the value the God places on their lives.

Sabbath, October 1st 2016 Live Presentation

On Saturday, October 1st, 2016 our group had a live presentation where we were able to share with viewers the remarkable work that God has been doing through this ministry in the local communities, in the nation, and in the world. The students from the NAPS Abundant Life Academy (NALA) also presented the scripture from James 1:2-8. Scripture memorization is a part of the core curriculum at the NAPS school that seeks to “Teach students value”.​​

As the second largest Christian broadcasting network in North America, 3ABN has been an emblem of hope, encouragement and support as we share the love of God across the nation and across the world. 3ABN is truly “mending broken people” and as a NAPS volunteer, I praise God for this phenomenal ministry.

If you would like a copy of the live presentation click HERE

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