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Our Mission

"We don't just send relief; we hand-deliver it with love and care"


The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation is an organization comprised of modern-day Bible characters—young men and women who have accepted God’s calling to ministry.  Gideon was young and inexperienced. Moses had a speech impediment. Esther was taken from her family. Peter was impetuous. And yet God used them all. NAPS volunteers have been used by God, not because they’re worthy or capable, but because God is willing to use anyone for His purpose, as long as they have a willing heart.


For the past 39 years, NAPS has been a melting pot of mostly college students and graduates from all walks of life, equipped with varying experiences, ready to work for the Lord.  NAPS youth have been able to travel internationally to over 23 countries, such as Zimbabwe, Sudan, Guyana, and Costa Rica. In each mission field, NAPS administers medical relief, conducts children’s programs, engages in infectious disease prevention, evangelizes, and feeds thousands of people in the process.  Nationally, NAPS has responded to disasters, such as the California fires, Oklahoma tornadoes, various hurricanes like Katrina, Rita, and Harvey, and the unfortunate Sandy Hook shooting. NAPS was able to comfort the families after those terrible tragedies by showing them love and helping them recover.


The ministry of NAPS has been covered by countless newspapers, magazines, and news channels such as CNN, the Discovery Channel, and 3ABN.  NAPS has been honored at the United Nations and has also received official awards from various governments such as the cities of New York, Boston, San Francisco, and the state of Alabama.



In recent years, NAPS has embarked on two ground-breaking projects—the NAPS Abundant Life Academy (NALA) and the Abundant Life Wellness Institute (ALWI).  Both of these remarkable endeavors commenced in one of the poorest counties in America—a place where schools are struggling, and where kidney failure is more than double the national average, while heart failure is almost seven times higher.


ALWI is a lifestyle center designed to help those struggling with common lifestyle issues (high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, asthma, obesity) and to improve their quality of life through exercise, nutrition, hydrotherapy, massage, and other methods.  At the end of the 10-day sessions, guests leave with decreased need for medications, healthy weight reduction, decreased pain and stress levels, increased mobility, increased knowledge for achieving good health, and much more. ALWI also serves as an outpost for training others who would like to become medical missionaries.


NALA, a much-needed, innovative, family-oriented boarding school, opened its doors on August 12, 2015, and offers Christian education in a rural setting.  In addition to learning agricultural skills as they grow their own produce, students are also active in the community. Whether through helping to build a deck for a family in need, distributing clothes to children who have little, singing and ministering to the elderly, or taking trips to feed the hungry, our school seeks to educate the whole person—physically, spiritually, and mentally.

GEMMS, the Global Evangelism, and Medical Missionary School is dedicated to equipping young men and women for effective soul-winning and ministering to the needs of our troubled world both at home and abroad. When Jesus walked the earth, He preached the good news of God’s kingdom. His life was a life of ministry and a testimony of God’s unfailing love. The goal of GEMMS is to prepare trainees for active ministry and to strengthen their ability to engage in various facets of the mission field. Some of the courses include Bible canvassing, evangelistic studies, and lessons on leadership. Those who join the GEMMS program will be equipped to evangelize the good news and minister to people in healing. Our medical missionary courses are built to create disciples who are knowledgeable in natural remedies, basic medical principles, and anatomy physiology more.

Yes, God has blessed the NAPS ministry.  But the 21,000 people that have dedicated their lives to Christ through baptism; the 15 NAPS branches serving overseas; the 35 churches, schools, and clinics built worldwide; the 200 homes repaired or built; the over 1,500 youth trained; the thousands of patients treated; and the ten thousands that have been fed, only bear witness that God’s desire is to save the lost, and He has chosen all of His children to answer this call to service.


As NAPS approaches its 40th year of existence, we are humbled by God’s continual desire to use us, and we are motivated by the desperate need.  Like the pillars of old, we can attest to the mighty hand of God, not because we were qualified when He called us, but because He qualified us as we heeded the call.  With Christ as our Guide, and with our swords (the Word of God) in hand, we march forward to the battlefield of ministry. Boldly we proclaim the message of God’s love and His soon return.

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