Meet the YEC Team 

The Youth Executive Council is NAPS Huntsville's Leadership Team. This group of Spirit-led pre-graduates carry out operations such as Friday Night Worships, weekly Community Outreach, Training Volunteers, Spiritual Retreats, Impact Missions and more. 

Shernice Francis




Shernice is from Miami, Florida and majors in Nursing. At home, she leads her church's youth Sabbath school class and also plays the clarinet. She joined NAPS during her Freshman year. She feels called to share Gods love with children and also the sick and elderly. 

Gabrian Francis


General Vice President

Gabrian is from the Bronx, New York. She is a double major: International Studies and Spanish. Outside of NAPS, she is involved in various ministries. Her first introduction to NAPS was from a friend sharing videos clips of NAPS worships. She knew she wanted to be in that type of environment. She feels her calling is working with children, music, and tending to those who are in need specifically among refugees and immigrants.

Jadesola Archie

Executive Secretary

Jade is from Southern California and majors in Nursing. Before she started college, she and her family took a year to follow God by faith and serve as missionaries in various Latin American countries. Later, she was introduced to NAPS by her roommate, Shernice. She feels called make a difference for the people of those countries.

Joshua Gaston 


Vice President of Religious Affairs

Joshua is  from Wallkill, New York. His major is Ministerial Theology. Outside of NAPS he is a campus minister and is the Assistant to his university's  Religious Vice President. He says "The Lord ignited me for mission work and NAPS was the quickest thing I could get my hands on to make an impact in the world." He says he is called to be a minister. 

Heading 1

Mandisa Thornton


Vice President of Community Affairs


Mandisa has lived in Pennsylvania and 4 other states. Spanish is her major, and her minor is TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Outside of NAPS, she enjoys tutoring both ESL and Spanish, literature evangelism, and self defense. She feels drawn to the pioneer missionary life and the Latino community. 

Morgan Williams


Vice President of Networking


Morgan is from Kennesaw, Georgia. She is in her senior year of high school and hopes to double major in Social Work and Pre Law. Outside of NAPS, Morgan is also involved in various leadership and outreach ministries including the school chorus and her church's youth group. Morgan also feels called to adoption ministry and advocating for fostered, abused, and orphan children.

Kenneth Oliver


Vice President of Social Affairs


Kenneth is from Selma, Alabama. He majors in Electrical Engineering at Alabama A&M University. He works at the aerospace company, Boeing. He was first invited to Friday night worship by a NAPS Volunteer. He considers his calling to be in Bible work and giving Bible studies.

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Vice President of Missions

The Vice President of Missions is expected to:

  • Assign and Coordinate Impact Mission locations, dates, and

  • Train and Prepare volunteers for mission participation

  • Train and Prepare mission leadership for the responsibilities
    prior, during, and following the mission.

  • Ensure events & event details are published on appropriate calendars.


Vice President of Communications 

The Vice President of Communications is expected to:

  • Actively promote volunteer understanding of and
    participation in NAPS events (events include meetings,
    worships, missions, etc.)

  • Inform volunteers concerning events, news, decisions, and

  • Coordinate, develop, & maintain NAPS social media

  • Develop a marketing/recruitment plan.


Vice President of Logistics

The Vice President of Logistics is expected to:

  • Coordinate equipment setup and breakdown for events (events includes meetings, worships, missions, etc.).

  • Recruit a team as necessary to ensure that all logistics needs for events have been met.

  • Ensure all promotional supplies are available for events.