June 4-10 


At the NAPS Family Camp Meeting, we have endeavored to create an environment where the entire family, whether young or old, can learn the tools and receive training to be an effective and powerful minister for Christ. There is a strong focus on educating youth in scripture memory and Bible Study methods all while training the adults in the use of natural remedies such as hydrotherapy and poultices. Overall, this camp meeting seeks to prepare the entire family to be able to better meet the spiritual and health needs of friends, family, and strangers along their path that are hungry for truth.

R.A.C.E Family Camp 

Reaching All through Child Evangelism 




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STEP 1: click button Download Application 

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STEP 3: Read and fill out application completely  

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R.A.C.E Family Camp will be held in the quiet and peaceful countryside of Sawyerville, AL. The beautiful campus of the Abundant Life Wellness Institute makes a perfect setting for you and your family to bond, relax, and most importantly grow with Christ. Each day there will be a variety of classes for you and your children. These classes range from agriculture and natural remedies, to Bible studies and prophecy. Along with relevant classes taught by passionate teachers, you will also be able to put what you learn into action with door to door ministry and other forms of service.  

Our aim is to make your stay comfortable and your experience unforgettable. All you and your family have to  do is come ready to learn and make life-long memories! Join us as we R.A.C.E. for Christ!


See You Soon!